As of February 1st, due to rising costs of materials and shipping, there will be a price increase on most of our items, and increasedshipping costs. We apologize, as we do our best to keep our products affordable for everyone.

The Story Behind Ruff Tough Kennels

We love dogs, andwanting the best for "Man's Best Friend", along with being owners of a plastics manufacturing company (rotational molding), we collaborated onan idea for a dog crate that would be super durable,fit better in the back seat of a car or truck, and keep yourpets safe. By molding the body of the dog crate in one piece, it madethe outside dimensions smaller and the dog crate stronger!! Thus the Ruff Tough Kennel was born.

Adding in design features such as double doors,insertsfor coupling the kennelstogether ortying them down, and stackability, we were wantingto ultimately save the dog crate user time, money, and offerworry free security for "man's best friend."

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