The Story Behind Ruff Tough Kennels

We love Dogs. Who doesn't? Wanting the best for "Man's Best Friend", along with being owners of a plastics manufacturing company (rotational molding), we had an idea for a dog crate that would fit better in the back seat of a car and be user friendly. By molding the body of the dog crate in one piece it would make the outside dimensions smaller and the dog crate stronger.

We also thought that putting a door on each end (double door), would make the dog crate more user friendly and really handy for the back seat of a car. This really cool feature allows access from either side of the car, thus providing a dog crate to the industry that would take the place of two to three purchases of existing dog crates. We were hoping to ultimately save the dog crate user time, money, and worry free security for "man's best friend."

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