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 Ruff Tough Kennels Portable Dog Kennels




The Ruff Tough Kennels Product Line 2012/2013

Ruff Tough Kennels Dog Crate Product Line



*The below pictures are of the original Ruff Tough Kennels and accessories. As you can see, we are constantly improving our products and designs. The photos will give you a good idea of what can be done with the versatile Ruff Tough Kennel design.

 Stackable/Connectable Ruff Tough Kennels

Ruff Tough Kennels portable dog crates connected together with optional tie-down kit and Coupler Kit which connects the Kennels together. With Ruff Tough Kennels you get more than a durable, portable dog crate, you get a dog crate system.

Durable Dog Crates Connected Together

Ruff Tough Kennels are Durable, Portable Dog Crates that can be connected together and strapped down in a truck or SUV. Here we show the dog crate with a Coupler Kit connecting two Ruff Tough Kennel Dog Crates together.

Strapped in a 4 Wheeler

Ready for the hunt?! You are now with your very own durable, portable dog crates from Ruff Tough Kennels. You can easily connect the kennels together and strap them down using our optional accessories. Let the Hunt begin!


Starting at $109.95 with FREE Kennel Shipping

Optional Connector Kit

Intermediate Coupler Kit  Large Coupler Kit

Intermediate Kennel Coupler Kit Large Kennel Coupler Kit $16.95 $21.95

Optional Tie Down Kit

          Tie Down Bracket

 Tie Down Kit-$16.95

Optional Top Tray-$29.95 plus shipping

Top Tray 



  Optional Top Tray


 Double Door Dog Kennel Now Available!

 Double Door Dog Crate-Coming Soon!


ATV Dog Crates


dog crates on trailer


utv dog crates

 Great for Dog Groomer's, Dog Kennels and Vet Clinics.

kennel cages


Portable Dog Waterer

Great Gift Idea!

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Portable Dog Waterer

Top 10 Reasons To Own a Ruff Tough Kennel

  1. Designed by Dog Trainers and Outfitters.

  2. Durable.

  3. Easier To Clean.

  4. Light Weight.

  5. Stackable.

  6. One Piece Construction.

  7. Can be tied down for safety.

  8. Double Door Unit-Great for backseat!

  9. Tray for Top

  10. Five Year Warranty